Snow and Ice Report March 29 2019
– Breakup is coming!

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Here is your warning: Melting has begun, ice cover in most areas is still good however there are usually three layers. A thin layer of ice, a layer of slush and then another layer of thicker ice. Water and slush appear during the heat/sunshine of the day however the cold nights and cool days are slowing the melt. 

Snow is hard, icy and leaving fast with the days heat. Some snow machines will overheat without a good snow.


Minnows in stock


Nightcrawlers in stock

This week – Thick ice is still out there, be wary of localized conditions.

Lake Superior ice has retreated to protected bays – Black bay, Nipigon bay and some at Bays end. Ice ridges are forming in high winds as the wind and currents are moving the ice. Be aware of wind direction and strength.

Nighttime temperatures are cold with daytime cool temperatures the melting will be slowed to a point. Once the top layer of ice is penetrated exposing the water/slush layer beneath the melt will pick up. 

Inland lakes are similar however they tend to not suffer from the high winds/ice ridging as Superior does. There seems to be a rush on people hitting Walleye lakes before the season closes for a month in a couple of weeks.




Hows the fishing?

Inland lakes for brook trout, walleye and splake reports are good.

Fishing seems to be getting better on superior for most species as the fish come in to feed on smelt heading towards their spawning rivers.

There are places you can find open water at river mouths and in some rivers. 



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