Snow and Ice Report for December 13, 2019

December 13 2019 Ice Chart:

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Calm, cold weather with little snow has allowed the ice to thicken nicely on many smaller inland lakes. Larger inland lakes are icing over nicely now as well. Area trails can be explored. However, snowshoes are viable and recommended in most cases now. Snow-covered trees and fresh snow make for a unique hike experience at this time of year.

The stocked brook trout are still hungry and still active, and Nipigon River Bait and Tackle has an abundant minnow supply. Rentable sleighs, augers, rods equipment and maps are also available.

The snow depth is settling with around a 12″ base in Nipigon with more just north as well as west of Nipigon. Unplowed bush roads and open trails can be traversed by snowmachine. Snowmachines are packing trails. Trucks and Quads can still drive most roads; however, banking at the highways may be an issue. Snowmachine packed trails may also become an issue.

Temperatures are expected to drop drastically this week with overnight temperatures in the minus twenty range. At those temperatures with, minimal snow on the ice, ice should accumulate over 2 inches a day.

Lake Superior is freezing up again. Black Bay is icing over with most of the bay now covered in thin lake ice. Nipigon Bay nearest Nipigon is also freezing again, with thin ice building up. Official ice reports list ice coverage on Black bay has some sections as thin (2-6″) with other sections considered new ice. Nipigon Bay as partial thin new lake ice. Calm, cold weather should allow the ice to build nicely over the next couple of weeks.
Fast ice (permanent winter ice) should cover parts of Black Bay over the coming week.


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